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Interpreting services

You can always count on us

Our experienced interpreters are constantly prepared to assist you in your meetings at home as well as on your business trips abroad. The same interpreter will always be available for your company so that you can be sure of terminological consistency and precise, specialised interpreting services. The dates and deadlines that are agreed upon are strictly observed. Další služby.

Why should you use our interpreting services?

  • A professional approach – we are ready to handle your specialist terminology.
  • Customer care – we will look after your needs whenever we are called upon to help.
  • Speed – we shall respect your requirements. We appreciate the realities of the corporate world.
  • Teamwork – we become one of you, and look upon ourselves as part of your team.
  • Confidentiality – we respect the classified nature of your information and we will keep it strictly confidential.

What we offer as a matter of course

Individual approach

We take an individual approach to each customer. We shall acquaint ourselves with the area in which you operate and make sure we understand all the relevant terminology in the given field of activity. In this way, we ensure that our interpreting is extremely precise.

Professional precision in the Czech Republic and abroad

We ensure that the same interpreter constantly works for one client. This guarantees that our interpreting has both terminological consistency and a uniform style.

Sworn interpreting, legally verified interpreting services

At your request, we can arrange for so-called “sworn” interpreting services (i.e. legally verified interpreting). Sworn interpreting can only be provided by a court-appointed interpreter who is registered with a regional court.

Express interpreting assistance and a non-stop service

Do you need interpreting services in a hurry? If so, you’ve come to the right place! Call us at 00 420 602 864 600, or send us an e-mail message to this address: We routinely arrange express interpreting assistance for our clients. We know the meaning of the words “I need it yesterday!”

Interpreting technology

To ensure that your conference or seminar with foreign delegates runs smoothly, we can arrange simultaneous interpreting technology and facilities in cooperation with our long-term partners.


What interpreting services can we arrange for you?

Interpreting for commercial negotiations and business meetings

Consecutive interpreting is used during commercial negotiations and business meetings. Using this technique, you always speak for a few sentences before pausing while you give the interpreter time to translate what you have said. Consecutive interpreting is routinely used at meetings with a smaller number of participants.

Interpreting for conferences, seminars and workshops

Simultaneous interpreting is used for conferences, seminars and workshops. With this technique, the interpreter simultaneously translates (“online”) what the speaker is saying for his or her listeners into the required language. This form of interpreting places the highest demands on the interpreter and involves the use of interpreting technology. In view of demanding nature of this type of interpreting, the interpreter alternates with a colleague approximately every 20 minutes. Simultaneous interpreting is routinely used at events with a large number of participants.

Sworn interpreting, legally verified interpreting services

Sworn interpreting, or legally verified interpreting services, can only be provided by a court-appointed interpreter who is registered with a regional court. Sworn interpreting is primarily used during court proceedings. This method of interpreting can also be used during dealings with government authorities, at company general meetings, in notaries’ offices, police procedures, etc.

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Interpreting for business trips

So-called liaison interpreting (also known as informative interpreting) is usually used for interpreting on business trips, meetings and commercial visits abroad. Liaison interpreting means that the interpreter accompanies the client for the entire duration of their sojourn abroad. The interpreter helps him or her in dealings with local authorities, during visits to restaurants, while attending cultural events, reserving accommodation, as well as when ordering tickets or flights. In general terms, the interpreter helps the client get their bearings in a strange environment.

Telephone interpreting

It is possible to use telephone interpreting for quickly communicating and making arrangements by phone in a foreign language as well as while communicating with foreign partners.  Telephone interpreting is primarily used when the interpreter or one of the clients is not directly present for the conversation. It is also frequently used if interpreting is suddenly required by phone without there being any chance for the interpreter to prepare beforehand for a specific telephone conversation.



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