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Translation and interpreting services with knowledge and understanding

Our stable team of translators is always ready to understand the environment in which you operate and to appreciate the specialist issues you have to deal with. Texts for each individual customer are always translated and interpreted by the same translator who is familiar with this client’s background, as this ensures that texts are terminologically consistent and have a uniform style.  The quality and precision of our translations is guaranteed by close cooperation with native speakers of the target language. We take our deadlines very seriously and would not countenance submitting a job after the agreed time.

Why should you use us for your translations?

  • A professional approach – we are ready to handle your specialist terminology.
  • Customer care – we will look after your needs whenever we are called upon to help.
  • Speed – we shall respect your requirements. We appreciate the realities of the corporate world.
  • Teamwork – we become one of you, and look upon ourselves as part of your team.
  • Confidentiality – we respect the classified nature of your information and we will keep it strictly confidential.

What we offer as a matter of course:

Individual approach

We take an individual approach to each customer. We shall acquaint ourselves with the area in which you operate and make sure we understand all the specialist issues in the given field of activity. In this way, we ensure that our translating and interpreting is extremely precise.

No surcharge for expertise

Expertise is an added value that comes with the translations we prepare for you. We do not charge anything for this. You will automatically receive this added value with our services free-of-charge.

Professional precision

We ensure that the same translator who is familiar with the area in which the client operates always prepares translations for this customer. This also ensures that the texts are both terminologically consistent and have a uniform style.

Translations and proofreading by a native speaker

Translations into and out of foreign languages are always prepared or checked by a native speaker who is an expert in the relevant field. This ensures the high quality and precision of the translations.

Legally verified translations – so-called sworn translations

At your request, we can furnish our translations with an international verification clause, a “round” certification stamp or notarially verified copy of the text.

Exact price quotes in advance for translations

If you send us an enquiry, we will immediately respond with an exact price quote for the translation in advance.

Non-stop service

Do you need translation or interpreting services in a hurry? If so, you’ve come to the right place! Call us at 602 864 600, or send us an e-mail message to this address: We routinely arrange express translations for our clients. We know the meaning of the words “I need it yesterday!”


What translations can we arrange for you?

Translations o technical materials

Instructions for use, manuals, standards, technological directions, technical reports, certificates, ISO standards and other translations of technical materials.

Translations of economic and financial documents

Balance sheets, accounting statements, tax forms, financial statements, reports for investors, commercial instruments, audits, annual reports and translations of other economic documents.

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Translations of legal and juridical texts

Contracts, laws, decrees, directives, judgements and translations of other legal texts.

Verified translations

We can arrange verified translations or so-called sworn translations (with an interpreting clause) for all documents that require this certification. We can arrange for a notarially verified copy of the text, including a so-called round stamp.

Translations of marketing materials

Product lists, company brochures, presentations, case studies, company and client magazines, bulletins, websites and translations of other marketing materials.

Translations of business documents and correspondence

Business offers, standard selection procedures, business correspondence and translations of other commercial documents.

Translations of journalistic and artistic texts

Interviews, reportage, newspaper and magazine columns, almanacs, literature, song lyrics, film subtitles and translations of other journalistic and artistic texts.

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